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When the experts solve your time-consuming tasks you get to free up your schedule and focus on your core business. You make way for your company to explore new growth oppurtunities while ensuring the satisfaction of your clients.

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Your Business is safe with us. To Prioritize over Data-Privacy we work under 24/7 strict supervision to ensure secure offshore & nearshore outsourcing of Horizontal & Vertical BPO services to all our clients.

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Accounts & Finance

Our goal is to help you control costs and manage risks but also drive business strategy and revenue growth. With our solutions for cost avoidance, audit recovery, order-to-cash and record-to-report we focus on improving operational efficiency and ensuring financial stability for you with enables you to outperform your competitors.


An Efficient payroll system is cost-saving, effort and time saving and it must ensure security and clarity around compliance and penalty as well. In order to maintain efficiency, total accuracy and 100% compliance we diligently manage Payroll Inputs Processing, Absence Management, Payroll Reconciliation, Payroll Queries etc. for a client base with employees across the world, diverse pay groups and a staggering employee size.

Tax Returns

We follow routine procedures concerning the calculation of taxes and fulfillment of obligations. Our solutions include processing of Financial Information, Tax Assessment, Presentation of Accessory Obligations, and Management of Accounting and Tax Documents in order to provide ease of access and cost savings to clients.


Our job is to help insurers transform their business processes while seeking customer intelligence and advanced analytics in order to pace up with the dynamic changing business environment and differentiate from competition. We also team with insurance companies in evolving their critical processes and managing costs and regulatory requirements as well.

Health Care

We work with healthcare organizations to deliver services in innovative ways and facilitate an increase in their market share. We also enable them to balance costs, deliver superior customer experience, while formulating solid strategies to enhance process efficiencies for overcoming business challenges.


To drive smart growth strategies and combat cost optimization we focus on creating a personalized and intuitive customer engagement which leads to the execution of an exceptional customer service. We help you shift to low-cost channels that improve performance, augment rise in revenue and increase speed to market for new products.


For clients in all categories of freight and logistics — ocean, air, road, and rail - congestion, both on the roads and sky, high costs, and falling margins are the major challenges for a lucrative business. Therefore cost optimization, streamlining and unlocking value in supply chain processes, while also ensuring customer satisfaction, are some of our priorities to reduce expenses and build competitive advantage.

Property Preservation & Management

In an increasing financially risky business climate marked by moderate growth Real Estate Developers, Property Managers and Construction Contractors meet with the urgency to diminish costs, streamline processes for higher efficiencies, and definitely shift from legacy systems. Our motive is to help companies build faster and smarter processes, acquire the right technology and adopt automation for greater efficiency.

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Application Development

We are engaged in providing a wide range of IT solutions including building tailor made software for desktop and online usage, mobile apps development, E-Commerce development, BPO operations management etc. We work in a test driven environment, build software applications using the latest technologies, follow best-practices and strict programming principles to ensure quality, efficiency and robust performance of the end-product.

Business Automation

With business functions turning more complex, organizations struggle to maximize efficiencies, sustain quality and maintain process transparency therefore eventually result into inefficient, time-consuming manual workarounds. Aiming to increase the return on investment (ROI) on enterprise resource planning (ERP), core banking and insurance systems, we provide business automation solutions which offer out-of-the-box functionality and integrate with any ERP platform to provide a scalable, unified solution for streamlining business processes.

Big Data Analysis

Companies consciously view the importance of customer feedback as a critical element in the buying decisions of consumers and in understanding the needs of the market. We assist enterprises to aggregate, integrate, validate and compile the data for deriving insights to achieve maximum revenue, improved product development strategies and operational efficiency.

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